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Our Plays / Musicals...

All music, dialog and scores for our musical plays are written, arranged, directed,and performed by:

LorfakOriginal Music, LLC (c) 2014 Lorenzo Dion Lee & Linda Fakundiny-Lee


With Lorfak you will get:


*  Complete MS/MSS

*  Original songs and music written for and only for the play / musical of interest.

*  All materials are copyrighted along with copyright certificate.

*  A recorded file ( CD, thumbdrive, SD card, etc. ) with all applied character voices, scores, songs & backgound sounds.

*  Sheet music for corresponding songs. This can be piano, guitar,bass,etc.

*  Upon request we will provide a "file" with the spoken dialog omitted so that one only needs a player device to rehearse or perform our plays.

*  With Lorfak, plays are written, arranged, produced & performed by us, and are interesting, fun & moving. We comsider our plays/musicals  products of our     art form.

*  Once you go Lorfak, you will never go back...

Please click one of the musicals/plays below to view details...

Lorenzo Dion Lee, Linda Fakundiny-Lee, Lorfak Original Music
Lorenzo Dion Lee, Linda Fakundiny-Lee, Lorfak Original Music
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