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"Safety Patrol Nicole" and Friends


“Cara Amiga” (Friendly Face)



Description:   Safety Conscious Series - Internet Safety  !





























While one of Nicole's schoolmates is confused as to why he is being monitored while he is “online” by his parents, Nicole and her friends “Wherewee”,               “Johnny-Pump”, “Koolit” and Whirl try to come up with a fun way of teaching people what is so important about internet safety.   

Her four fire friends soon realize that they will need to come up with "helpers" to take their places that are not fire related. Nicole will need "helpers" for sure but for this Safety Lesson they it would be better to look like the topic.


Finally they come up with a game that would show other children just how easy it is for a stranger to get all the information they need to put an unsuspecting child in harm’s way.


Nicole and her friends come up with a game they call “Who’s Who?” In the game all of her class mates take turns trying to discover the identity of a classmate by having just a way to contact them on the internet using a ficticious friend site called “Cara Amiga”.


In the game the unsuspecting child is asked questions like “What school do they attend?, Do they have a brother or sister? If they have a pet?, How old they are? Even so much as where there parents work?” From the answers the other children try to figure out who the mystery classmate is.


From this game Nicole and her four safety friends show and teach the kids how easy it is for a stranger to figure out who they really are and even in some cases actually find them.



Nicole finally points out to the children that it is good for parents to be concerned about their children when they are on the internet. Parents should always know what their children do on the internet because there is really no sure way of knowing who you are interacting with and what their intentions really are. Without your parents knowing what you do on the internet, they cannot help you in an emergency situation.  Nicole tells the other children to always keep an open line of communication with your parents and tell them everything.


Nicole and her four friends show the other children how to have fun and enjoy the information available on the internet and be safe at the same time.



Also Coming Soon...

Book Two of the Trilogy 


Book One (completed)

“The Marvelous Story Of Roger Weedmont and His Troupe of Magical Fleas”


Book Two (coming soon)

"The Marvelous Reincarnation of Roger Weedmont"


































Book Two Synopsis )


This book picks up one month after Rodger Weedmont’s cousin Candilace revealed that she and her new friends

(a hoard of evil fleas) who had disclosed to Roger and his mentor, “Flip The Magical Flea”, that they plan to destroy all humans for polluting the earth with pesticides.


Roger reluctantly prepares to defend humankind from annihilation by using his new found super-human flea power. But first he is going to need some training. So his mentor “Flip” takes Roger back through time and space to the ancient mythical Flea colony where Roger will be taught the finer points of hand to hand, to hand, to hand, to hand, to hand combat.


And oh yes, Roger will also learn how to stay alive while fighting against their arch enemy “Dimlit” with his flunkey sidekick, the girl that once went by the name Candilace, who now prefers to be called “Kavité”.  (It’s French…) 

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