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Lorenzo Dion Lee, Linda Fakundiny-Lee, Lorfak Original Music
Lorenzo Dion Lee, Lorfak Original Music

My name is Lorenzo Dion Lee. I have been in the music industry for many years. I am an accomplished musician, and writer of music and plays.


After graduating college in an unrealted field, I continued to cultivate my natural love for music. 


It is my intention to serve you and the industry in the best possible way that I know how.  That is, to give you the material that will satisfy your audience.



 Linda Fakundiny-Lee, Lorfak Original Music

My name is Linda Fakundiny-Lee.  I have been a professional musician for many years.  I am a guitarist and singer by trade, but also play numerous other instruments as well, that can be heard throughout our recordings.  


Along with my husband Lorenzo, we collaborate in our studio on writing music and plays.   Our love of music is what originally brought us together many years ago, and it is reflected in our work.


It is my pleasure to write and perform music to suit your needs...





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