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Lorfak , Original Music, Lorenzo Dion Lee, Linda Fakundiny-Lee


We Are A For Hire Media Company


Patented Children's Furniture


Enjoy "I Can't  Imagine A World Without Love!"

Who Are We And What Do We Do?

We Are a For Hire Media Company!

Linda & Lorenzo turn your company's ideas into Videos, SongsMusic or any other form in any style of Media that fits Personal or Company needs. 

Our Media Can:​

Increase Company Sales.​   

 Gain New Social Network Followers through New Media.

Easily Introduce Existing Customers To New Products and New Services.

Introduce Your Goods and Services To Gain New Customers.

Roll out Special Offers, Sales or Changes In Company Hours.

Announcements, Events and Giveaways. 

A Memorable Timely Company Jingle.  

Lorenzo Dion Lee & Linda Fakundiny-Lee, Lorfak Original Music
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Whatever Your Goal We Will Bring It To Life!

Contact Us For a FREE Consultation.


Always 100% American Made !

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How Lorenzo And Linda Do It! 

"The Marvelous Story of Roger Weedmont and His Troupe of Magical Fleas"


35,000 words Young adult

"Safety Patrol Nicole and Her Fire Fighting Friends"

32 page fully illustrated

742 words

"My Oma And Opa Love Me"

32 page fully illustrated

702 words

SHAME-©2018 1min. Teaser - By: Lorenzo & Linda of "LORFAK"
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1 Minute Teaser

Original Songs

FLOWERS & BUTTERFLIES-©2018 1 min. Teaser - By: Lorenzo & Linda of "LORFAK"
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PAIN-©2018 1min. Teaser - By: Lorenzo & Linda of "LORFAK"
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1 MinuteTeaser

"Flowers And Butterflies"

1 Minute Teaser

"Flowers And Butterflies"

video & Lyrics

All Songs Are Written, Arranged, Produced, Performed, Recorded and Mastered By: Lorenzo and Linda

Musical Plays

"The Gnome in My Yard"


Paid Media Projects

We were asked to make Media to Inspire Children and Adults Please show us how kids dream of becoming Doctors and Lawyers or Teachers and Preachers. 

A 100 year old doll house is the backdrop for

"Little Mommies Little Daddies" .

A child's story of pain. 

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